World Void is a PC adventure game that relies on Role Playing and Puzzles solving in order to deliver its content. The game takes place in the Historical Site of Byblos in Lebanon, and while the game is mostly fun mechanics, it has taken as a priority to highlight the culture and the rich history of this location, creating a new standard for an educational game.

The game is being developed by Ready Get() Set(), a team that is committed to deliver a fun experience available to everyone, and that is free from racism and unjustified violence. Our game will not mock anyone’s belief or bully a minority.

Right now it is still in early development stages, but you can keep up on our progress by regularly checking our Devlog section on the website, or by signing up to our newsletter.


Joseph Azzam, Technical Designer

While still a student, Joseph have taken the indie path. He has built the game prototype, and worked on various tasks including game design, animation, programming, and 3D scanning, he also developed the website.

As a Lebanese developer, Joseph decided to focus on the Middle East in his project, and aim to fill the gap of the Arab representation in Game.

Right now, he is finishing his studies in Toronto, so you might catch him at various game development events.

Feel free to connect with him on Twitter @JosephRAzzam