[TALK] 13/9/2017
Porting a Real Life Castle into Your Game When You're Broke

Tired of waiting for funding that kept being delayed, we decided to scan an the Byblos Castle in Lebanon with whatever equipment we could find. To our surprise, it worked! We faced some peculiar challenges that come with working with scans of huge structures, and at GDC 2017 we delivered a talk about how we overcame them. [Watch] (Youtube)

Alpha P4 Registration is Now Open!

After the closed Alpha P3 testing, we got a ton of feedback regarding the features that you liked and the one that are missing. A-P4 is here to accommodate those changes, and expect to see a more refined gameplay in addition to many more new activities. [Read More]

[TECHNICAL] 10/5/2017
Alchemy in Photogrammetry

This article is a breakdown of an Alchemy Trick. I will be turning a European stone statue into a Middle-Eastern rock statue by extracting the textures from 3D scans, manipulating their properties, while creating a game ready asset. [Read More] (GAMASUTRA)

[TALK] 17/1/2017
Using 3D Scanning to Create 3D Ready Game Assets

This talk is an introduction to Photogrammetry for complete beginners to 3D modeling. If you are a professional, this video might not be the best option for you, and I would recommend you check out the more advanced [TECHNICAL] articles on this page. [Watch] (Youtube)

[TECHNICAL] 10/1/2017
Everything You Need to Know about Photogrammetry… I hope

This article will try to cover everything you need to know about 3D Scanning using Photogrammetry including the choice of software, equipment, and computer, in addition to a guideline on properly capturing photos. [Read More] (GAMASUTRA)

[TECHNICAL] 24/8/2016
Creating Game Ready Textures and Assets

In this article I will be going over multiple photogrammetry techniques that I stumbled upon, experimented with, and used in order to create the textures for the castle. I will be going over many solution to delight a texture, and create a tile-able one. [Read More] (GAMASUTRA)

[UPDATE] 22/5/2016
A New Page

We’ve just finished testing out latest prototype, and we would like to thank every one of you who participated in our closed testing. If it wasn’t for your feedback we would have no idea how to move forward with our game. [Read More]

[TECHNICAL] 16/5/2016
Scanning a Castle Inside Out with No Budget

I was working on porting a historical site into Unreal Engine 4 to use in the upcoming game World Void, and I was in charge of scanning a castle. I was waiting for a funding that kept being delayed, until I decided to finally just go out and do it, with no funding, and I did it, I scanned the castle! A few month has passed and I am still pumped about it! This article will discuss how I managed to do it. [Read More] (GAMASUTRA)

[UPDATE] 19/3/2016
It's alive!

Hey thank for following up on the progress, as promised we have updated our website and changed the entire design. We really hope you like the new look. The website is still growing and missing a lot features, but they will be added in due time. [Read More]

[UPDATE] 18/1/2016
Huge Update :D

This is a huge update, literaly. We 3D scaned an entire castle inside out! That is incredible! we're still pumped about it. [Read More]

[UPDATE] 10/1/2016
Hey Ma!

Some people use Hello World, we prefer to use "Hey Ma!”. This is our own way of saying hello, the website is online for the first time, and we are glad to announce that we have started working full time on our game... [Read More]